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Product Number:
Piezo Buzzer element
Product Name:
Other Name:
piezo buzzer element, AB1070B-LW100-R, 668-1401-ND
Electronic Components
Buzzer Elements and Piezo Benders
Short Description:
PIEZO CER BENDER 7000HZ 1000 OHM, AB, 1 kOhms
Reference numbers:
AB1070B-LW100-R, 668-1401-ND
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Long Description

More info can be verified from the datasheet about this component part number AB1070B-LW100-R. Product is identified as PIEZO CER BENDER 7000HZ 1000 OHM. This product is made by PUI Audio, Inc.. This product is currently Active in the market. Price of the product is 1.59 $ (USD). Product's series is AB. part's status is Active Frequency of this component is 7kHz. Voltage input maximum value is 15V p-p. Product type is Standard. Impedance is 1 kOhms. Capacitance frequency is 10000pF @ 1 khz. This component's operating temperature is -20°C between 80°C. Dimension and size of this product is 0.394" Diameter (10.00mm). Termination is wire leads .

Area Served

It can be purchased from, Tennessee, Michigan, Europe, Germany, Switzerland, Luxembourg, France, Netherlands, Sweden, United Kingdom, Spain, Belgium, Ireland, Italy, Russia, Austria, Finland, Denmark, UK, Birmingham, Glasgow, London, Manchester, Newcastle

PUI Audio, Inc. PUI Audio, Inc.

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